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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Dining Policy
    Child Dining Policy
    For SEIFU Omakase Bar;
    Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the omakase. However, for children aged 6 and above, they are more than welcome to join our Omakase dining experience when accompanied by a parent. Please note that they will be charged at the same menu rate as adults.

    For MIZU Sake Bar;
    Children under 20 years of age are not permitted on the sake bar after 8 PM.


CHI Izakaya Bar & Dining 
Lunch 11.30 AM - 2.30 PM 
Dinner 6.00 PM - 10.00 PM

KAEN Teppanyaki & Grill 
Lunch 11.30 AM - 2.30 PM
Dinner 6.00 PM - 10.00 PM

SEIFU Omakase Bar 
Lunch 11.30 AM - 2.30 PM
Dinner 6.00 PM - 10.00 PM

MIZU Sake Bar & Sake Garden
5.00 PM - 12.00 AM